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"Have you ever heard of God the Mother?"

If you live in New York, which is where I'm from, or just about any part of the world nowadays, you've probably been approached by or know someone who's asked you this question. And if you're on this site, chances are you want to know more. You've come to the right place!

Just about every member of Church of God never heard about the existence of God the Mother prior to being preached about Her. So you're not alone on this one. The reason why no one has ever heard about God the Mother or even knew about Her existence was because She is the biggest secret and mystery of God, that was not revealed in the past ages, but is now disclosed in these last days.


Heavenly Mother is the Mystery of God

Colossians 2:2-3 - My purpose is that they may be encouraged in heart and united in love, so that they may have the full riches of complete understanding, in order that they may know the mystery of God, namely, Christ, in whom are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge.

1 Corinthians 4:4 - the god of this age has blinded the minds of unbelievers, so that they may cannot see the light of the gospel of the glory of Christ, who is the image of God.

According to the Bible, Christ is a mystery. Many people say that they know Jesus, staying things like "I just believe" or "my pastor told me." Since Christ is a mystery, it's clear that it is not enough to just believe in Him or believe because someone else tells you that Jesus is God.

As Christ is a mystery, the Bible also describes that Christ, Who is the mystery of God, is also the image of God. By understanding Christ, we can come to know the image of God, and vice versa. The Bible teaches us that God has more than one image:

Mother is God

Heavenly Mother: The Female Image of God

Genesis 1:26-27 - Then God said, "Let us make man in our image, in our likeness..." So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them.

When God created mankind, He spoke in plural, saying, "Let us make man, in our image, in our likeness." If God were only one, He would have said "I, me, My." Instead, God created man saying "Let us, our image, our likeness." Through the creation, we can understand that God has two images: The male image of God, Who is God our Father. And also the female image of God, Who is God our Mother.

As Christ is the Image of God and God's image is male and female, the Bible Prophesied that the male Christ and female Christ, Our Heavenly Father and Mother, would come in our time to give us the water of eternal life:

Revelation 22:17 - The Spirit and the bride say "Come!" And let him who hears say, "Come!" Whoever is thirsty, let him come; and whoever wishes, let him take the free gift of the water of life.

In these last days, the source of eternal life is our Heavenly Mother, the New Jerusalem, Who has come down out of heaven to lead us to the way of eternal life. You're probably still wondering why you never heard about this before; or you want to know more! The best way to get all your questions answered, I can honestly say, is to go to the Church of God that believes in Heavenly Mother and find out!